Meeting Carol Rifka Brunt



Last Tuesday I got up way too early and jumped on a train headed to Copenhagen. I’d been invited to a blogger meet-up, arranged by the danish publisher Lindhardt og Ringhof, with the author Carol Rifka Brunt. She’s written the novel Tell The Wolves I’m Home, which is one of my favorite reads. I cried so hard reading it and saw a lot of myself in her story, so getting the chance to meet her was amazing.

My review of the book can be found here.

It was a very intimate affair, only a few other bloggers were present and then Carol Rifka Brunt. That meant there was plenty of opportunity to chat about everything for an hour and a half. Mostly we talked about the book, how she got the idea, the writing process, the process of making it into a movie (who knows with Hollywood), who Carols own favorite characters are (June and Greta, she said they’re like two halves of herself), and everyone’s reactions to reading it. We got onto a lot of sidetracks, like what YA is, how you classify it, and if Tell The Wolves I’m Home is YA – some were for, some against, but mostly I think we could agree that YA is evolving so categorizing anything as YA is difficult, it’s not a genre that’s really settled yet. We got onto talking about covers as well, and how to market a book like this (because what kind of book is it really). And Carol said something I found interesting; that a lot of people bring up aids as the first thing about the book, and yes, it’s an important part of it, but I never would have thought to mention it first. It’s a book about so many other things. Just goes to show we all experience things different, to some that may have been the defining bit, but I would probably highlight the grief or the relationship with her uncle.

Carol also mentioned that there’s a playlist for the book, done by Carol herself. I never knew, and I LOVE playlists for books, so I’m excited about that!

It was just really, really nice meeting her, she was exceptionally lovely and down to earth. So grateful to Lindhardt og Ringhof for letting me take part in it.



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